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Firme Estilo Car Show 2019

The west coast is known for holding the highest standards in regard to lowrider quality, culture, and lifestyle. The sense of pride and dedication is hard to match with decades of excellence and skill poured into each build between family members.

The east coast continues to march to the beat of its' own drum. While sensational builds have picked up in recent years and the bar of excellence has been raised, the sense of community has surpassed expectations for all.

This years' Firme Estilo Car show was as much about the people as it was the lowriders. The community supported each other through busted bolts to a potentially tragic accident on I75. What set this show apart were the smiles worn from the 8:30 am set up, to the deep hours of the after hop at Red's. Laughter stirred in the air, interrupted only by smooth shit-talking between Rooster and any contender willing to step up in the hop pit.

The show came to a close with participants of all sizes receiving generous flashy red trophies. The spirit in the air was thick. The love of lowriding was strong. And the feeling of connecting with like-minded, lowrider loving individuals could only be described as a high that lasted several days long.

For weeks after Firme Estilo’s annual show, attendees raved about this event. Every detail was meticulously thought out and the show ran smoothly from start to finish. Congratulations to Firme Estilo Car Club on yet another amazing show that will be spoken about for years to come.




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